Twister Frame Protective Glasses Black Frame

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With the Twister Protectice Eyewear line you can get affordable eye protection without giving up quality, safety, comfort, durability, and balance.

  • Lightweight nylon frame with brow guard for added comfort
  • Adjustable temples ensures secure fit
  • One piece polycarbonate lens with integral sideshields
  • Coated polycarbonate lens for superior scratch/impact resistance

SKU Lens
T5100-C Clear
T5100-CAF Clear anti-fog
T5100-G Grey
T5100-A Amber
T5100-GR3 IR filter 3.0
T5100-GR5 IR filter 5.0
T5120-C Clear (Patriot Frame)
T5120-G Grey (Patriot Frame)

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