Stamina Protective Glasses Matte Black Frame

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Engineered for protection, comfort and style. Stamina is one of the top selling premium eyewear in the market. Crafted from high grade hard-coated polycarbonate, machined from virgin materials and formed to shape which provides users with extraordinary all-day comfort.

  • Ventilation channel between lens and frame helps reduce fogging
  • 5-position ratchet plus 4-position telescoping temples for superior fit
  • Soft, adjustable, non-slip nosepiece conforms to a broad range of bridge sizes
  • Dual 9.5 base wrap-around lens for uninterrupted peripheral coverage
  • Coated polycarbonate lens for superior scratch/impact resistance

Matte Black Frame

SKU Lens
T5400-C Clear lens
T5400-CAF Clear anti-fog lens
T5400-G Grey lens
T5400-O Orange lens
T5400-IO In/Outdoor lens
T5400-BM Blue mirror lens


*Available in 5 magnifying strengths

SKU Lens Strength
T5410-C (Clear + 1.0)
T5415-C (Clear + 1.5)
T5420-C (Clear + 2.0)
T5425-C (Clear + 2.5)
T5430-C (Clear + 3.0)
T5415-IO (In/Outdoor + 1.5)
T5420-IO (In/Outdoor + 2.0)
T5425-IO (In/Outdoor + 2.5)

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