3A Safety T5500-V Freedom Protective Glasses, Violet Lens

Freedom Protective Frameless Glasses

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Unbelievable fit and comfort will make you forget that they are on. Unobstructed one-piece wrap around lens, which by its snug fit, allows you maximum safety and vision.

  • Non-slip soft rubber head grip offers maximum comfort
  • Wrap around lens design with integral sideshields
  • Universal nose bridge comfortably fits large user audience
  • Coated polycarbonate lens for superior scratch/impact resistance


SKU Lens
T5500-C Clear lens
T5500-CAF Clear anti-fog lens
T5500-G Grey lens
T5500-GAF Grey anti-fog lens
T5500-A Amber lens
T5500-O Orange lens
T5500-M Mocha lens
T5500-R Vermilion lens
T5500-BL Infinity blue lens
T5500-IO In/Outdoor lens
T5500-IOAF In/Outdoor anti-fog lens
T5500-SM Silver mirror lens
T5500-BM Blue mirror lens
T5500-GM Gold mirror lens