DBI/SALA 60' Advanced Digital 100 Series 2 Speed 3/16" Stainless Steel Wire Rope Winch With Swivel Snap Hook, Mounting Bracket And Integral Carrying Handle

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DBI/SALA UCL Advanced Digital 100 Series 2 Speed Winch With 70' Stainless Steel Cable Assembly And Removable Handle holds various diameters of cables up to 3/8" and ropes up to 5/8". It is made from corrosion resistant zinc plated steel or anodized aluminum hardware and has 450 lb capacity. Digital usage indicator tracks drum revolutions to determine service intervals and triple redundant braking system offers added safety. It has sealed bearings at all contact points with two gear ratio options of 4:1 and 9:1. Cable and rope lifeline comes with a double locking swivel snap hook and overload indicator. The removable handle can be combined with a power drive option to offer the flexibility of manual or powered cranking options.