3A Safety T5300-SM Cyclone Protective Glasses, Silver Mirror Lens

Cyclone Protective Glasses Gloss Black Frame

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Streamline design with the soft gel piece and the rubber tipped temple deliver the safety, style and all-day comfort you deserve.

  • One piece wrap around polycarbonate lens fits snugly for total optical protection
  • Sporty design and high-gloss finish temples will ensure worker enthusiasm and acceptance
  • Fashionable, soft rubber temples with belt ribs, keep the glass securely in place, no length adjustment necessary
  • Coated polycarbonate lens for superior scratch/impact resistance

Gloss Black Frame

SKU Strength
T5300-C Clear lens
T5300-CAF Clear anti-fog lens
T5300-G Grey lens
T5300-IO In/Outdoor lens
T5300-SM Silver mirror lens
T5300-BM Blue mirror lens

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