Accuform Signs 5 3/4" X 3 1/4" Red, Black And White HS-Laminate English Two Sided Safety Tag "DANGER OUT OF SERVICE/DANGER DO NOT REMOVE THIS TAG! REMARKS ó_" With Pull-Proof Metal Grommeted 3/8" Reinforced Hole And Standard Back B

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Accuform Signs "DANGER OUT OF SERVICE/DANGER DO NOT REMOVE THIS TAG! REMARKS..." Red/Black/White Two Sided Safety Tag measuring 5 3/4" X 3 1/4" is printed on HS laminate and the thick laminate withstands rough handling. Tag is ideal for harsh conditions. Tag resists tear, weather, chemicals and endures dirt and grease environments. The scratch resistant matte surface is easy to write on and is pressure sealed on both sides without edge seams. The top has a 3/8" hole that is reinforced with a metal grommet and resists UV rays for 3 - 12 months.