3M Versaflo Vortex Cooling Assembly (For Use With Supplied Air System)

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3M Versaflo Vortex Cooling Assembly can continuously supply 6 to 15 SCFM of air to helmets, loose fitting facepieces and hoods. Vortex cooling assembly includes cooling tube, waist belt as well as holder and is ideal for supplied air system. It cools air by up to 50 deg F to keep the workers comfortable and helps to regulate the flow as well as temperature of the supplied air system. It can operate on pressure ranging from 60 - 90 psig that depends on hose length. It is recommended for the applications such as cleaning, electrical, grinding, painting, sanding and welding. It is perfect to use in facility safety, maintenance, repair, overhaul operations. It is suggested for the industries such as automotive, food/beverage manufacturing, metal production, military maintenance, repair/operation, mining, oil/gas, pharmaceutical and transportation.