3M Adflo Belt-Mounted Universal Lithium Ion High Efficiency PAPR System With SpeedGlas 9100-Air Welding Helmet And 5, 8 - 13 Shade 2.1" X 4.2" SpeedGlas 9100X Auto Darkening Filter

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3M Adflo Powered Air Purifying Respirator with 3M SpeedGlas 9100-Air welding helmet provides compact, lightweight respiratory protection as well as quality filter optics all-in-one. It features a lithium ion battery having life up to 12 hrs, high efficiency particulate filter as well as wide leather belt. The HE particulate filter is stacked onto an optional 3M Adflo cartridge for extra protection from OV/SD/CL/HC vapors. It comes with audible as well as visual alarms that indicate low airflow as well as low battery charge. 9100-Air Shade 5 helmet features ergonomic and adaptable head suspension for increased comfort, helmet stability as well as weight distribution. Helmet comes with 3M SpeedGlas auto-darkening filter 9100X with viewing area of size 2.1" X 4.2". It finds applications in all stick, MIG as well as TIG welding processes. Helmet comes with 5-position sensitivity control as well as adjustable recovery delay and has a solar panel. It comes with storage bag, welding cap as well as starter kit. It offers organic vapor/acid gas as well as high efficiency respiratory protection system for welders. Helmet has enhanced peripheral vision and better optical quality as well as function.